Solopreneur Academy

The Solopreneur Academy is a training concept for solopreneurs. The Academy is implemented nationally by regional entrepreneurial organisations and entrepreneurial communities in cooperation with the regional education organiser.

The goal of the academy for solopreneurs is to promote networking among entrepreneurs and strengthen entrepreneurial business expertise, thus contributing to stability and growth both within companies and regionally. The Solopreneur Academy offers practical and coworking-based expertise in Finland and internationally.

At the academy, students can complete a professional qualification in entrepreneurship or a special qualification in product development, for example. The contents of the studies utilise the in-service training offered by the business and the local area as well as online courses. The content of the degree program is chosen according to the aims of the degree, but the structure of the training also allows for a deeper familiarity with marketing, sales, and entrepreneurial well-being – these topics are arranged according to the wishes of the entrepreneurs.

The academy also aims to strongly promote the well-being of solopreneurs. Research has shown that working hours, income levels and well-being of solopreneurs do not match, meaning that entrepreneurs are under both mental and physical strain. Mentoring and personal coaching, together with other solopreneurs, are a great additional tool for entrepreneurial well-being and business growth.

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